Upcoming Litters

Torrey / Bentley: Puppies Due 9-5-17

New Posting! Litter Open! We cannot wait to meet the puppies from this fabulous pairing! Two of our favorite dogs (Can we say that?)… We’re thinking perfection! Torrey: Gentle, athletic, people loving, (seven, yes 7, kids in her family!), joyful (her mama’s name was even Joy), obedient and flat out adorable! Bentley: easy going, fun loving, up for anything, super trainable and very snuggly! We expect  medium puppies; red/apricot with soft, teddy bear fleece coats! Both parents have passed all testing beautifully and can be viewed individually on  “Our Mamas” and “Our Dads” Pages.

Agatha / Bentley Puppies Due: 10-7-17

You asked for more shiny black doodle puppies! Here they are! Agatha’s gorgeous black waves stop traffic! She has this stunning silhouette that turns heads when she walks by!   Of course Our Bentley is the perfect  boy to match Aggie’s beauty. These doods will certainly not disappoint! We expect both black puppies & apricot (or gold) puppies from this pairing. Pups will be in the 30-40lb range. Both parents have passed all health testing. Agatha can be viewed individually under “Our Mamas“. Bentley can be view under “Our Dads

Elsa – Bentley: Puppies Due 7-23-17

OH THESE PARENTS!!!   Our sweet Bentley is gentle, comical, eager to please and just as sweet as it gets! Elsa (a Pippa/Dooney  daughter) is athletic, loyal, intelligent, and confident. She loves her job as ‘shop dog’ and ‘client greeter’ for a local business. We are crossing our fingers for some dark reds (so hard to get) with amazing wavy fleece coats. Of course, both parents have passed all health testing and can be viewed individually under “Our Mamas” and “Our Dads” Pages. This litter has one opening. View this litter on our Current Litters Page

Katie – Macaroon (Brady) Puppies Due: 8-3-17

Who can resist luscious dark chocolate? We can’t!! ….And guess what! We will get a whole litter full of gorgeous chocolate teddy bears in this adorable pairing! First litters for both Macaroon and Katie. With the beauty, brains and temperament these parents offer, this litter will be one to watch! Puppies will be in the 25-30 lb range with soft, wavy fleece coats. We most certainly will keep one back for our program. This is perfection in the making!

View this litter on our Current Litters Page       One opening left