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What Makes Starlight Ridge
Australian Labradoodles Special?

We are a boutique breeder of authentic ALAA registered Australian Labradoodles. (Australian Cobber Dogs) Our pedigrees can be traced to Australia, where the breed was born at Tegan Park and Rutland Manor. Our home is located on a hillside in beautiful Southern Oregon. It is our belief that every dog should be raised in a loving home with a family to call their own. Because of this belief, we do not use kennels for our breeding program. Instead, each of our breeding dogs is raised in a guardian home where they are loved and integrated into their family’s daily life.

From Our Home to Yours

Our puppies are raised in our home experiencing all types of sounds and life.  They grow up listening to music, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, telephones ringing and children playing.  We make it a point to familiarize them with balloons, wheel chairs, older dogs, cats, visitors, crutches, umbrellas, roller skates, fireworks and many other stimuli that can often scare a dog if not properly introduced.  This foundation encourages well balanced, curious puppies that are far more confident and content than puppies raised in kennels.

Guardian Program

Outstanding Care

Prior to adoption, all of our puppies are micro-chipped, temperament tested and will have received all age appropriate vaccinations.  We match puppies with homes based upon your family’s needs/dynamics as compared to each puppy’s unique qualities and characteristics.  Each dog is sent home with a goody bag which includes their medical records, pedigree, gifts from home and a blanket that smells like their mama.  As added assurance to your investment, our puppies come with a two year written health guarantee.

It’s easy to see what makes Starlight Ridge special.  It’s all about the PUPPIES!!

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